Vladimir Kush
Metaphorical Voyage DVD

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Vladimir Kush Metaphorical Voyage on DVD

Metaphorical Voyage Now Available!

Metaphorical Voyage is now available on DVD and on sale at Amazon.com.

Metaphorical Voyage on DVD

The DVD Includes:

  • The Animated Film "Metaphorical Voyage"
  • Comprehensive gallery of over 190 paintings with original music
  • Continually scrollable painting list
  • Infinite play option on main feature and gallery
  • Main feature and gallery playable with subtitled names of paintings
  • Gallery Spider Animation included due to customer demand

Vladimir Kush Paintings - Kush Fine Art - Posters

Paintings, limited edition prints, and more information about Vladimir Kush, can be found at the Kush Fine Art site www.vladimirkush.com. Posters of Vladimir Kush art are not currently available anywhere.

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